Ethan is the main character in the series and is also the leader of the crew he is cheeky and has a liking for cherry drinks, specifically cherry cola


Ethan has a smile on his face most of the time. He has thick blonde bushy hair simalar to Edd from Eddsworld. He wears a black hoodie With a green minecraft slime face on his back (reference to his minecraft skin). He wears lime green shoes with black soles. He also wears blue denim jeans.


-Ethan has a shirt with A narwhal on it although narwhal is spelt narwal.

-Ethan's black hoodie used to be unzipped revealing his shirt.

-Ethan has gone through 3 different hair styles.

-Ethan has a teddy named Skwishy in reference to Dory's pet jellyfish called Squishy

-Skwishy is an Easter egg in some episodes along with Ethan's headphones

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